Soft and Lovely...

Ok, I know, Anthropologie is maybe over blogged about, but I couldn't resist sharing these beauties for this christmas season. The palette is so soft and lovely, pieces you will keep long after your holiday parties are over.

The rosettes are simply gorgeous


This cuff or bracelet would be the cherry on top of the sundae for that outfit you have been trying to complete with accessories. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scattered baubbles on the sparkly bracelet, they are perfectly misplaced!

This sweater looks like it would go with just about anything. Here is Florida, it is a essential piece to own, (especially this year since it has been 90 and humid since may) you can pull it out on those chilly nights when a jacket is just too heavy.

I think I could cozy up on the couch all day with this blanket

Sweet and simple, a little touch of glamour to stir your hot cocoa with.

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