My earliest memories of my love for design, included a slight infatuation with toile. Maybe its a testament to why I'm still a huge francophile.  A classic pattern that really has never lost its allure only becomes more exciting in the bold colors and sometimes tropical sceneries it is now offered in...

While toile isn't as widely used today, I still get a little ping of happiness everytime I see it used in a beautiful space.

... or tablescape for that matter.

Its really a perfect pattern to make a small bathroom come to life.

... or a breakfast nook.

what do you think? are you all for toile?


  1. Great photos! That was also one of the first things I fell in love with!

  2. Yes! I am all about toile! It is one of those things that I have too loved for years--and I also love it in unexpected ways and colors. That first photo---love.

  3. Love the pink and orange toile !!


  4. Oh I love all these images! beautiful post!! I actually worked for Janet Simon - whose brown and cream toile mudroom you chose - it is so beautiful in person too!
    xo Allison

    Spicer + Bank

  5. I love toile as well! I used a red pattern to upholster my dining room chairs, and am looking for a pink toile for my daughter's nursery

  6. I definitely pro-toile!! Especially when mixed with a little modern - that second to last pic is my fave. cute breakfast nook;)

  7. That first toile duvet is gorgeous! Where can I find it?


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