Living in Minneapolis and being in your twenties is often synonymous with working for Target. I do not, but, all but one or two of my friends do.  Beneficially, I hear this and that about lines that are about to hit the shelves before they do, and look forward to what's next. Nate Berkus' new housewares line is one that in my opinion flew under the radar a little bit. It was a refreshing change on the endcaps as I shopped for not so exciting counter-spray and paper towels this weekend. I love the trendy yet not in-your-face patterns, and the clean take on a few classic pieces...

 Here are a few of my favorites [they're all available in stores]...

Also, want in on a little Target secret? For these types of lines, always try your SuperTarget first. The few and far between "city" Target's carry a much smaller inventory across the board. 


  1. That tray that you found with the studs on the sides, so great!

  2. I went to our Target when it was supposed to hit the market and it is still not there! They told me Thursday---super disappointing! It was supposed to be out the 20th. Love your neat and crisp blog and all your posts. Looking forward to following you!


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