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luxe + lillies: February 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This collections for this spring have been the most exciting to me in a long time. I am absolutely drooling over the muted neons with a few jewel tones here and there...  I was at Gap just the other day and found myself surprised by their refreshingly on target pieces for spring. Sometimes there is just no substitute for being able to take an afternoon to yourself a pick a few things up at the mall... here are a few things you can go and pick up RIGHT now!

dress, blazer: h&m /  shoes: nine west / belt, jeans, bag: gap / bracelets, sunglasses, neon purse: Nordstrom / tshirts: american eagle / lipstick: MAC pink nouveau

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm working on my girl cave today [more on this to come] and - its ugly, people. We're talking creamy orange 1960's walls, Weird, not-smooth wood "boxes" covering piping that runs across the ceiling. Oh yea, lets not forget the speckled brown tile, and that delicious old basement smell...

I'm pretty thrilled to be getting my new "girl cave" beautified. Today, I'm tackling painting this huge built in storage and desk unit. I'm using high gloss white paint, and I think adding a little pizazz in the built ins would do that space well. But- do I use another high gloss paint color, or do I use wallpaper?

So many pretty options. I'm just hoping it looks like one of these when I'm finished...

Monday, February 20, 2012


*at the request of Architectural Digest, this post has been limited to 5 images. To see more from the original post visit the site as listed at the bottom of this post.

Where to start with this amazing Brooklyn townhome? It elegant, and eclectic, and masculine and feminine all at once. I really can't choose just one thing thats my favorite... its a veritable design masterpiece. The way this designer has mixed colors, prints, scale... its absolutely incredible - I don't think you would ever tire of looking at it! 

the transition between the rooms with white walls, and bright furniture and the rooms with dark walls and light furniture is nearly flawless...

and just when you begin to wonder if maybe things are oversaturated, you see a space thats monochromatic and light, yet still speaks to the theme of the rest of the house and mixes materials and patterns...

every last detail in this house was give great thought, the placement is perfect, and the materials all flow into each other despite their major difference.

finally - this beyond incredible european-inspired courtyard in the heart of Brooklyn... does it get much better?

Friday, February 17, 2012


Since moving from Florida, I have missed seeing these pretty Fiddle Leaf Fig leaf trees with the big paddle like leaves, and the lush greenness they provide. We just dont really have plants like this up north, and they remind me of relaxed and sunny days...

In the dead of winter - that feeling is a really good reminder of warmer days ahead. That's why I think they are a fab "plant" to add to an indoor space...

I love the way they add hight and depth to these rooms.

When we moved into our new home, we realized just how little wall space we have. I'm certainly not complaining about the abundance of windows, but it also means that the walls feel a little empty.

SinceFiddle Leaf Fig Leaf trees need a lot of sunlight, it would be the perfect thing to place in front of a window, or narrow corner to add a little dimension to a room.

If, like myself, fiddle leaf fig trees don't naturally grow in a 2,000 mile radius of your home - you can generally order one through a local large garden supplier- and put together an arrangement of your liking. Here is what you will need...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ever since I saw this pretty and bright jewelry on one of my favorite reads, I can't stop thinking about how fun it is, and how much I would love to add a piece of two to my personal collection.  I love that neons are all over store fronts in terms of spring fashions, and these would be great pieces to accessorize!

Check Rocks Paper Metal out  for yourself here !

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Valentines day certainly crept up on me this year. I can't believe its been a year since we got engaged - a lot has happened in the last 365 days. While I don't think Marc or I were ever particularly big Valentines Day celebrators, it kind of took on a whole new meaning last year.  And - why not take one day out of the year to wear pink and red, and celebrate love?

How are you celebrating Valentines Day?

1: kate spade / 2: sugarpaper / 3: moet [avail at your local liquor store] / 4: hotel costes / 5: rocks paper metal / 6: pink marc de champagne truffles / 7: aerie / 8: MAC cosmetics

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love the gorgeous closets photographed and shared on The Coveteur as much as the next girl - but when I saw this dark and dreamy accessories closet, I just couldn't pass up sharing it.  If the fab shoes, bags, and accessories weren't enough themselves,  Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson has done what she does best - style every inch of this closet...

Are you as in love with this space as I am? I think I could move right in...

Monday, February 6, 2012


The ladies over at Matchbook Magazine never fail to produce an absolutely stunning publication, with interiors to die for. Designer Jules Reid's home was no exception - and it comes at a perfect time. I am all for purple, but somedays I look at my guest room [which I am trying to finish] - and just don't buy into the color. But, then you come across a stunning space like Reid's living room, and all the faith you once had in a color/design scheme is renewed.

I love the way that she has mixed all the different tones, and even picked up purple in natural elements, like the orchid and the framed sea shells.  The mirrors, silver elements, and acrylic/glass pieces add glamour and light that feels chic and light.