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luxe + lillies: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012


... sometimes change is for the better- in this case, that's certainly so.  Lizalle is now kollection!
We're so delighted show you a bigger sneak peek that we had previously planned - and we hope it makes you happy too :) While this is a snapshot of what's to come - don't forget that customization is the name of kollection's game. Anything you see here can be customized in over 24 ink and envelope colors, nearly 30 fonts, 20 monogram styles, and 50+ design icons...

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are feeling energized! This weekend I finally had some time to just look around my house and analyze exactly how I want some of the spaces to look. Since we moved in, we have had furniture, but nothing really on the walls, and overall a pretty clean bordering on sparse theme as far as decoration goes. I think I like it... to a point. This morning when I I looked at this pretty Glitter Guide feature on Australian Claudia Stephenson, the styling of her home was just so instep with how I'm feeling about my own aesthetic preferences. Clean, but decorated and polished...

Friday, May 25, 2012


I can't wait to kick off Memorial Day Weekend! It means summer is officially here!  Hopefully the weather will be nice, and friends/family on hand will be plentiful because I've got a recipe for Sangria that you will want to sip on all weekend :) My step mother in law has made the most amazing Sangria the last few times we have been to visit, and I can't seem to get it out of my head. Its so refreshing and delicious...

To make 2 pitchers, Add 2 bottles Red table wine [preferable rioja or cabernet] and sliced fruits [orange, lime, green apple, peach, grapes if you want ] together. Let refridgerate for 1 -3 hours. When chilled and ready to serve, and mix in one bottle of ginger ale [or 1/2 bottle ginger ale per 1 bottle red wine] Add ice, and serve!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


When we bought our house last fall, we could tell that the backyard was just completely overgrown, and needed a lot of attention. Fast-forward to today. Everything is in bloom and we have copious amounts of Hosta's, Day Lilies, and Peonies. You can imagine how excited I was. However - the spring flower season is pretty short, so this week while wracking my brain for how to continuing bringing the outdoors every week - I cut off a few "branches" from my peony bush and put them in some water... voila! I think leaves are my next go-to, how about you?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Recently the lovely people over at Archipelago Botanicals sent me a few candles. Being the candle connoisseur that I am, I excitedly waited by the door for the package to show up - and it did not disappoint.  If you haven't already seen or checked out their amazing and huge line of candles, go do so! With the variety that they sent me, I styled them around my home.

All of their candles are soy, and have amazing burn times, this somewhat deeply scented and moody feeling candle I put in my powder room. The scent wasn't overwhelming which is great for this very small space. However, I will say, I'm not sure I'm a fan of those wooden wicks. My husband thought the slight sound was the greatest thing, but I have heard in the past the most air a candle sucks, the more wax it burns - thoughts?

Copal Santal was my absolute favorite, if I could make it into a perfume and wear it everyday for the rest of my life- I would. Its clean, and warm, and rich, and a little woodsy all at the same [is that possible? I think yes] I put this at my workspace because I spend majority of my day here, and love how amazingly fragrant it is. Thats a big one for me, and this one far surpassed that test!

This little "Ibiza" travel tin was the perfect thing to fit into a small space. I love to have something burning in my closet when I'm getting ready for the day, and this fit so perfectly. Despite it being small, the scent carried. It really would be the perfect thing to travel with because of its size, yet it doesn't  lose any of the qualities of a larger candle.

You guys, I am a crazy person - I have dragged my husband across Paris just in the nick of time to purchase a candle. I love them, I really do. Three things that are important to me are the scent, how well the scent carries, and the packaging. These candles passed all of those tests - not to mention at incredible price points. They really have something for everyone, I think I've got my eye on some of these next, I just can't say no to these pretty white jars :)

This post was sponsored by Archipelago Botanicals, however any opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, May 21, 2012


It's been really quiet around here. And, you know what? I'm not going to tell you I'm sorry, or that life is just too hectic, or any of that. Because honestly, it has been super busy - but happy busy. In an effort to be a little more real here, I'm going to tell it to you the way I think we all should when we take absences from our little slices of the internet.  I could find the time to blog when I'm on the road, but when I had to decide between opening my computer, or enjoying a water view with my family that we only get to see every so often now - I'll take the quality time every time. I love to be here. But I love my family more. And in hopes that I could savor every moment of time and memory to be made when I was with them - I just decided to be present. Here's what I've been up to [follow me on instagram too!]...

pretty vignette // mar a lago beach club // with family enjoying the evening // fireworks at sunfest

the most perfect breakfast on fisher island // day at the beach // storm rolling out over downtown miami // ocean drive, south beach

my little sister graduated college and we went out to celebrate // gross pointe resevoir // dushanbe tea house, boulder // with the graduate

Friday, May 4, 2012


I rarely have time to catch up on my favorite mags, and I finally got some time to do just that. Flipping through House Beautiful's May issue was so refreshing. Eye opening, almost. I had sort of forgotten about the polish and splendor of the spaces they often feature. I love how HB has a way of making you fall in love with interiors that maybe wouldn't normally speak to you [or at least for me]. I fell head over heels for the Beaux Arts style home of Annie Brahler. Its seriously gorgeous, and there's even a chandelier in every room...

... but what I love the most about this space - is how Annie decorated it to be lived in. By using a neutral color palette she is able to change out slip covers and other textiles with the season while her home still feels complete. Go see the rest for yourself here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've been lusting after these lace shorts in a local store window / In desparate need of replacing my fur throws for some of these throw blankets / A perfect little place to store everything you need for a night out: python pouch / I've been experimenting with bolder colors in my house, this house beautiful book should make for some good inspiration / Acrylic handled silverware is all over this season, and I'm loving the tortoiseshell print/ Protecting my skin is one of my biggest priorities, this kiehls eye stick is perfect for on the go / LOVE this cross bracelet /I think this mint skirt is the perfect peplum piece! / This gold french press would be so pretty on the counter / I've had my eye on these pink earrings from kate spade, lovely way to add  punch of color /  NEED! these python x bench's for my entryway/ Love the color combo of this little purse