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luxe + lillies: March 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We've lived in our house a little over a year now, and it seems like the perfect amount of time has passed to really finish up some of the design schemes. When we finished the renovation [or so we thought] and moved in I knew I wanted to live with it a little bit.. let the house's bones come to life again, and learn what makes us feel the most at home. Its been an interesting lesson, really. When we rented, I think I decorated the apartment - not "our home". I always knew it wasn't going to be for very long, and I just wanted it to look good and be comfortable in the mean time. 

But after living here, purchasing a few investment pieces, and editing the things we have put into place - I'm ready to pull the house cohesively together, not something I gave a whole lot of thought past paint colors when we were renovating [note to self, renovating friends :)] 

I need your help, friends!!! This feels kinda weird and awkwardly out there - just throwing my bedroom right at you. But, here she is... [no judging on the still unpainted window frames].

Now that you've feasted your eyes on that monotone mess, help me decide how I'm going to make it a little more lively and cohere with the rest of my palm beach inspired/accented with blue and or coral house. We're going to start with black + bengal bazaar because its the smallest investment...

Next is blue. I already have this bench, and this would pull up the same blue that is largely in my living room [right down the stairs]...

Third we have coral.. the accent I have used in many places. And because I want an excuse to buy some extra gorgeous bedding from Biscuit...

and yes, I also really want those rope lamps which I have been stalking over at Home Goods for 4+ trips now. 

Which color scheme would you choose?