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luxe + lillies: July 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Happy Monday Friends! 

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend! Mine was packed full of projects, including a really big one which I will reveal here as soon as I finish it up :)

The past couple of weeks have marked some major shifts in my life, and I'm feeling a renewed sense of energy in life. Every once in a while I think we all find ourselves "taking inventory" - evaluating the things that make us happy and those that do not, our friendships, where we're at in our careers, what's important in moving forward, who we are/who we want to be as individuals.  Its been a freeing few weeks. 

I've spent increased amounts of time with my family, Marc and I have enjoyed getting out on the lake, and I've been better about shutting my computer down after my posted work hours. Slowing down, enjoying being in each moment.  Finding absolute contentment in simplicity. In doing these things - I've inhaled life, and exhaled happiness. It's good. 

What doesn't quite fit into this refreshed picture is personal social media. Since I've had my "luxe + lillies" page since before the days of business pages, it was attached to my personal account. So, when I deactivated my personal account over the weekend, my business page went with it...

I'm really not encouraging extra facebook use here, but, some of you are wonderful, loyal, and interested readers and customers who I think/hope appreciate the sneak peeks, discount codes, and event details I post. So, if you would like continued updates of that nature - find luxe + lillies here from now on!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I've talked about my black thumb turned green here, and here too, and really I owe it all to my sweet and sassy neighbor whom I adore,  Mary. Her and her husband are retirees who make gardening look like a cinch. Their yard is beyond charming, and always inspire me to get to work in mine. I've accepted that my plant mixing and garden planning style may never look quite as great as Mary's - but I can try in other ways, right? Enter Garden Glory. I think it makes yard work look pretty. darn. glorious...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


White paint and I have had an ongoing love affair for well over a year now, almost two. When you buy an older home, rent a dated apartment, or just have some unsightly feature of your living space - theres nothing as transforming as white paint.  Alaina of LCY and the Everygirl pulled off a gorgeous transformation of her former bathroom...

I'm probably extra giddy about this transformation because I have rough-sawn cedar paneling in my basement which looks very similar - can you believe she started with this frat house-esque space?

Monday, July 8, 2013


This Fourth of July weekend was just what the Dr. ordered. It was finally hot and sunny, my sister and her bf were in town for a whole week, Marc had time off, and the lake was calling. I loved every. last. second.

I tried out the whole monokini look. The jury is still undecided. 

A whole week of laughs with my sister makes me smile :)

Have you ever seen the end of a rainbow? I hadn't either! It was pretty awesome - sorry to burst your bubble about the whole pot'o'gold thing. 

My sister and her cute bf. 

The perfect end to a gorgeous day, my parents joined us for dinner and we parked up a little early to claim our spot for the air-show and fireworks

I hope the rest of you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekends!

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