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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today the world will witness what is sure to be the most watched event of our time.
As a bride, its hard not to a wee bit obsessed with the detail of the sure to be utterly glamorous event.
Also, theres just something so intriguing about the age old traditions paired with the modern choices the couple has made that just might provide the monarchy the fresh air it needs. Whether you love it or hate it- its going to be an event to remember...

Today Kate woke up, and prepared to become the worlds most public figure...

She will ride to Westminster Abbey with her father one last time as a normal member of society...

and when she arrives- it will be the moment the world has waited for. Her dress will become and instant classic...

joining the ranks of some pretty special women before her...

Her bridesmaids will fluff and prepare,  and in moments, she will head towards her Prince!

and an hour later,  she will leave a princess, a future queen, and a forever icon...

I can wait to see the dress, the jewels, the pagentry. What do you think she will wear? 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sometimes it is difficult to keep in mind, or find inspiration that 2 drastically different design styles can harmoniously exist in one home. The combination of organic pieces thoughtfully placed against white and stunning blacks/eggplants paired with defiantly glamorous pieces makes this home intriguing and inviting... 

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Monday, April 25, 2011


Ever since girly/glam styling paired with the super chic fabric line  Luxury Monograms debuted last week, I have been absolutely swooning over it...

Weather its because monograms simply add a touch of fabulous to anything they adorn,

or because I have grand renditions in my head of all the dinner parties I
 will host with my new registry gifts,

or because I will soon be Mrs. H- I'm really not quite sure!

What I do know- is that I have reached 500 followers and think you all deserve something extra wonderful to show you my gratitude and just how much I enjoy being here everyday with all of you!

Visit Luxury Monograms, and leave a comment telling us what your must have LM item is, 
and you are on your way to winning a $75 giftcard from them!

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Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm so excited to have Helena from A Diary of Lovely here today sharing her Interior Life!
Helena, my sweet friend from London, has a fabulous blog with constantly fresh material, always a treat to read! I hope you enjoy learning more about her today...

My Life:
I've always loved... clothes and shoes, pretty little things, being right ;)

I wish I'd designed... the Emerson Made collection, smart and beautiful, great business.

My guilty pleasure is... chocolate, nutella all the way!

My favorite smells are... cake, fresh washed clothes, the smell after the rain

The best gifts are... the ones that will last forever
The greatest lesson in life... be true to yourself

My Inspiration:
I like to personalise things by... I agree with Mackenzie, monograms all the way even though I have never done it

The designer I admire most is...  difficult to answer really. I don't think I admire any designer in particular. Home related I admire self taught people like Bailey of Peppermint Bliss

Happiness itself is... being in peace with those around you and surrounded by love. Health. 

My Home: 
My Home is... my safe place and the one place I want and feel always comfortable.

I collect... nothing really, but I like trays, and glass jars and books, as many books as possible!

I prefer wallpaper walls because... they are fun and full of personality however I live and will most like always live surrounded by white walls and that doesn't worry me

I covet... too many things. But mainly a bigger house really, which is very difficult in London.

My 3 essential cooking ingredients are... olive oil, greek oregano and parmesan cheese

My only interiors rule is... no rules here, what goes goes, and anything can happen really.
Great new series Keely, very excited to be here today. Thanks for having me! xo

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Timeless patterns, tailored pieces, and great color combinations are what I have always envisioned in my dream home.  The greek key, chevron, leopard... they are all patterns I'm not sure I will ever tire of and I love the way they work paired against these piped, sculpted, and classic pieces of furniture and upholstery...

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Mirrors are a fabulous little trick for making a space feel larger, brighter... and adding that subtle hint of absolute glamour. Mirrored furniture has been popping up all over lately namely this dining table which I'm most excited about and have added that perfectly suited touch of texture and depth to these otherwise somewhat ordinary spaces...

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Monday, April 18, 2011


Calming and comfortable whites seem like the perfect way to kick off this week!
With yet another dreary Monday morning out there, these spaces are full of light and warmth...

I'm especially loving the vacation villa vibe of this room!

... and the soft flowy elements paired with the masculine natural textures

... and the simply cozy vibe of this space.

[via] pinterest


Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I am so excited to introduce a new feature I will be posting every friday called "My Interior Life".
I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to join me, and I hope you will enjoy learning more about them too!

This week I am thrilled to have the adorable and talented Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling. If you haven't already seen her work from within the pages of Rue, you will certainly want to head over to her blog for a daily dose of fabulous...

My Life:

I've always loved...
Arnold Palmers, fashion magazines, and the French language. 

I wish I'd designed... Jil Sander's Spring 2011 collection. I have never been so smitten with the entire look and feel of a couture collection but this one — with its happy stripes, punchy pinks, and playful peplums — had me at hello. think I will remember those colors and silhouettes forever! 

My guilty pleasure is... coffee ice cream, particularly Friendly's Vienna Mocha Chunk. (It's just as bad for you as it sounds.)

The best gifts are... experiences. It's nice to spend money but it's nicer to spend time. 

The greatest lesson in life... for me thus far has been to say "I love you" every time you hang up the phone and every night before you fall asleep. It's a nice way of not taking the future for granted and it's better safe than sorry!

My Inspiration:
I like to personalize things by... ideally with monograms by Leontine Linens! Until that's in the budget, I like to use favorite colors and pieces with personal meaning, both in fashion and interiors.

The designer I admire most is... Tory Burch in fashion and Mary McDonald in interiors, two designers who aren't afraid of color and bold graphic pattern. In reality I'm probably a little more Ralph Lauren (classic and lots of navy), but these two are something to aspire to!

My favorite place in the world is... Surfside Beach on Nantucket or 7th Street Café at Bucknell. I spent my childhood summers at the first and much of my college career at the second.

Happiness itself is... the health and happiness of family and friends. And a really, really good vanilla latté.

My proudest professional achievement... lies somewhere between interning for Jonathan Adler and seeing my writing published in Rue Magazine. Both were major personal and professional triumphs. I also recently began taking on a couple of interior design projects which is an exciting new challenge. Now if I could just nail down my post-grad plans!

My Home: 
My home is... forever a work in progress. So much of my life is in flux now with graduation in May but I imagine decorating will kick into high gear once I've decided on a city (and an apartment) for next year!

I collect... beach rocks, office supplies, and snail mail.

I prefer my hot pink walls because... they make me feel like I live in the Barbie dream house. But I always fall for white walls with lots of big abstract art. And powder rooms with statement wallpaper that wouldn't work anywhere else. And little jewel box rooms painted in emerald or navy. So really, I don't discriminate.

I covet... art of all kinds. I've been sourcing different pieces for a client project and it's leaving me anxious to spend my savings on all these new Etsy finds!

My only interiors rule is... to have fun! If you love it, do it.
- - -
Thank you so much for having me, Keely!