Constantly evaluating what works and doesn't is something I would like to say I'm a little better at - but with a crazy holiday season, some things found themselves being "January 1" activities. Which I guess works out because its nice to start the new year feeling organized. Here are a few things on my desktop right now, and a few things I would love that provide for a pretty and clutter free workspace [not to mention functional]!

Here are my tips for getting organized in 2013!

1. This pretty pool 2013 planner is every planner's dream come true - it comes complete with stickers for birthdays, hair and dr's appointment, dinner dates.. you get the idea- its awesome! 

2.  I print 3 months of iCal pages in advance and fill them out with posts, plans for my blog, etc - its really helpful to draw and organize inspiration.

3. I fly through these jotters, using them as to-do lists, grocery lists, note-taking material, personalize them to say your name, company, or a phrase you like!

4. I like stuff that just works - all the time. Poppin makes these great staplers and tape dispensers in every color of the rainbow

5. Le Pens are a great, reliable writing tool, and good for color coding you plans. Organize them into these little cups that are just $0.95!

6. This huge clothespin takes up very little space and is the perfect place for clipping pictures, notes, inspiration.. and it keeps it off your desktop!

7. A tray helps to corral all the items on your desk, and add a punch of color and/or pattern. Love this tray by Parker and Rain!

8. You never know when you are going to need to write a note of encouragement or a letter of Thanks. Keeping some personalized stationery on hand makes it convenient!

9. Some upbeat tunes makes the day a little happier, right? I'm loving Ellie Goulding's new release, Halcyon. 

10. Add a few fun pieces to your desk that make your work day more fun! I love these stamps from Typo for only $2.95. A candle burning is relaxing, just make sure its not overpowering if you work in a corporate setting - try this "earl grey" candle. Business Card holder, Pop Plug-In Phone.


  1. Love the personalized stationary!

  2. this is my 3rd year with the paper source (#1) planner and I am obsessed. the stickers make it so much more fun :) that glitter stationary is gorgeous!

  3. Thenk you for this stylish selection of office accessories. Love all of them.


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