Dear Winter,

I'm so over you. I don't send hate mail, and generally, I enjoy your beauty - but a Wind Chill Advisory for -40 temps just makes you ugly. For my friends who don't believe its about to get that cold in the lower 48, this little paragraph can demonstrate just how unfriendly you're about to be: 

I probably won't leave my house, for fear that between my front door and the car, my eyeballs might freeze. No matter how warm it is inside, its just cold when its -40 out.

We should be all "Omgsh, I NEED that for Spring, its the perfect pink - and those wedge sandals are too good to pass up!" But, no. We're simply not going to get that excited because you're forcing me to show these sweet people who read my blog how to look their least sexy. Here are my suggestions for trying to keep a humans body temperature near the 98 degree mark when you don't actually posses clothing fit for an eskimo.

Also, in closing, In 150 days, that is, on the 21st of June - there better be nary a day under 60 degrees in sight.

Oh yea, and, for those of you who think moon boots or uggs are the ugliest things ever. Please, visit the polar north today, and then reevaluate your thoughts on said "ugly' footwear. I just might wear my uggs, inside of my moonboots today.  


  1. My thoughts exactly. So sick of the cold. Everyone seems to be fighting the winter blues a bit. I think I'm gonna sign up for a gym just to get a little pep in my step! Who cares if they are ugly if they are warm?! xo

  2. HAHAHAHA too funny!! Coming from Michigan, I can totally relate to this post. I feel you, even though you can't feel your toes.

  3. I hear you sister! We're getting the same weather forecast all week this week in Montreal. -45 on Wednesday :( Keep warm and stay indoors! X

  4. i found my uggs in the very back of my closet today becuase there is NO way i was going outside without them. i'd wear a down comforter around if i could! brrrrr

  5. The weather is starting to take a toll on me as well! I love that sweater!

  6. I will never complain about being too cold down here in So Cal ever again. The house was 65 when I woke up this morning to turn the heater on and I thought it teeth chattering. Bundle up~ there is nothing ugly about being warm!


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