Lets just cast aside all those little voices in the back of our heads saying "omgsh, Scalamandre, so not original content" because with some potentially not new to your eyes inspiration, the new Scalamandre line for Lenox is hopefully about to blow your mind. Really, though, Scalamandre can do no wrong, and I would really love to plaster any wall in my house with whatever color I could get my hands on.

I can't even talk about how Jamie Meares paired these ginger jars, chinoise lamps and red wallpaper together... its just. too. good. 

But, lets get down to the real excitement on hand... this line is super fun. For sure need some of those highballs, and that square tray...


  1. Gah! I've been so in love with this pattern, despite its initial craziness, ever since Margot's bedroom in "The Royal Tenenbaums." I've just heard about this reinterpretation, and everything's so amazing! My husband hasn't gotten over the "initial craziness" and has just deemed it "craziness," so even if my dreams of the zebra wallpaper never come true, maybe I can settle for that incredible tray =)

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