Honestly speaking, I love that there is still a part of the world where styles made famous in the 1950's and 60's still are still considered "wardrobe staples" Classic cuts, Lilly-esque prints, tortoise shell - they're all favorite words in my fashion vocabulary. Packing for Palm Beach however, isn't a "throw a few things in a bag" kind of event. It's considered a high-season/low-season locale, and generally speaking, that means 2-3 outfits a day. Here's a couple fool-proof tips to pack light, and right:

Start with the staples:
1: A great pair of high coverage sunglasses
2: 2-3 pairs of versatile footwear, I love these nude wedges [only $29!] that will match anything, and a pair of fun loafers to go with more casual outfits.
3: A clutch and a carryall tote. You be the judge of what to carry when.   
4: 1 or 2 swimsuits that are the cut you like, but still provide a little coverage - PB isn't Miami.
5: Pool/ Beach reading materials. I always protect my electronics, this ipad case is my favorite yet. I can't wait to start "The Martha Rules"! 

1. A pool/beach outfit. I love love love linen or crepe pants. They're so lightweight but will keep you warm when the sun starts to set.
2. A midday outfit. If you're grabbing lunch, doing a little shopping, etc, Throw on some fun colored skinny jeans, and a soft white t-shirt.
3. Evening outfit. A dress, some printed pants/silk shirt - whatever your flavor. 

1.This "circle scarf" is an absolute must for me. You style it so many ways, and I love to wrap up in it when the weather cools down at night.
2. Organic sunscreen and lipbalm. I'm not looking for extra wrinkles, you probably aren't either.
3. Bauble Bar has sooo many fun necklaces and jewelry pieces that will jazz up your midday and evening outfits alike. 
4. A fun belt can add a little pop of color to any outfit
5. Nail polish is just fun when you're on vacation, right?

Want to know what else is on my packing list, go here!


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