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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweetening Up Your New Year

Happy New Years Eve!

I think after this year, we all could use a little sweetness in our lives, and some time to let go and have fun.  The drink of choice to ring in the New Year, also happens to be my favorite. Hopefully you can try one of these Champagnes tonight, and find one that will become your new favorite! If Champagne isn't for your taste, maybe you want to try the Sofia Sparkling Rose, its SO yummy!

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Pommery POP!, Sofia Coppola Sparkling Rose, Moet White Star, Schramsburg Brut

For a sweet but fresh punch to the drink, try this recipe with St. Germain.
For a new take on a classic recipe, try this  Raspberry Bellini
For a zesty zing, try this Lemon Champagne Cocktail
And when the clock strikes 12, make your self this Grand Champagne Coctail

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paris Calling

Paris has been calling my name today...

where would you like to spend new years?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sparkle In Your Champagne

A couple days ago I came across a necklace of pave Cognac diamonds. I had never seen this variation before and am now completely consumed with LOVE for Cognac diamonds...

Quartz clusters are one of this seasons must have accessories for you home... why not for your finger too?

I'm not usually one for necklaces, but these were too pretty to pass up, I love the soft ribbon paired with the simple sparkles.

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A Cozy New Year!

I love the new year, it always feels like the turning over of a new leaf. I am particularly excited about this new year because M and I are moving into a new place! I feel like moving is always somewhat of a fresh start, and I am excited to begin to really define the style that is M and I, rather than a mix of our stuff just coming together. M is tries his very best to give me his honest opinions when it comes to design, and I am totally inspired to create a more masculine and cozy bedroom this time around!

I have begun with some inspiration from his Swiss homeland...

The comforts of something warm, the touch of fur, and the base of neutrals can all be found in a quintessential chalet.

I'm hoping with some black accents to finish the room,  it will come out feelings serene and inviting like these beautiful rooms!

all photos via decorpad, flickr

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Perfect Table

I'm sure you are all busy scurrying around today trying to wrap your presents, clean your homes, and make the table look just right! Heres a couple of ideas to polish off your table. But first, I had to share these great lanterns, they set a certain ambiance before your guests can even get themselves to your door. I think they are the perfect welcoming party.

So many styles, so little time... which one is your favorite?

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Seaside Christmas

In honor of spending Christmas this year in sunny southern Florida, I thought I would pay homage to a slightly less traditional and more sea inspired holiday.  The clean whites paired with the bright pops of color is fresh, light, and inviting, the perfect setting for a memorable Christmas morning.

Usually, I'm not one for the colored, artificial trees. However, I think these are rather fitting of an island celebration

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I (still) Love Macarons

So, I know that I already posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but I just had to share, because what could possibly be better than a non-french friendly approach to making macarons at home. This book by Hisako Ogita is a step-by-step with pictures and offers recipes for an array of different flavors. I picked mine up at Urban Outfitters.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

All Wrapped Up

There are few things that complete a lovely tree more than beautifully wrapped gifts underneath it.  This season I have had so much fun wrapping my gifts with some little toppings like unconventional tags, and pretty ornaments. Here are some wrappings to inspire...



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A Wonderful Little Treat

If only I could look this glamourous cooking for the holidays. Such a beautiful dress...

and... in your beautiful party gown, you may consider making these, they are sure to be a crowd favorite, and a welcome departure from the holiday norms of generally unfulfilling finger food. Not to mention, these turkey sliders are so scrumptious and far healthier than hamburgers.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas + Candle

Hello my lovelies, I am back after my blogging hiatus. The last three weeks have been absolutely crazy, but this week it all ended on a very happy note. We travelled to Boston for M's yearly checkup this week, and we are SO excited to be celebrating his 9th year in remission!  Many thanks for sticking it out with me, and I promise to get back to a regular blogging schedule.

I know I have said it before, but I'll say it again, I have an infatuation with candles. Always looking for something new for each season, here are some of the very best for the holidays!

Thymes Frasier Fir is a classic... what more is there to say about this fresh and fragrant scent?

At the price point of $5, who could pass on this? Its subtle and clean, yet brings that certain coziness into a room lacking that last little touch. Better yet... you can find it at most Target's.

Seda France always makes fantastic candles that scent your whole house.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Soft and Lovely...

Ok, I know, Anthropologie is maybe over blogged about, but I couldn't resist sharing these beauties for this christmas season. The palette is so soft and lovely, pieces you will keep long after your holiday parties are over.

The rosettes are simply gorgeous


This cuff or bracelet would be the cherry on top of the sundae for that outfit you have been trying to complete with accessories. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scattered baubbles on the sparkly bracelet, they are perfectly misplaced!

This sweater looks like it would go with just about anything. Here is Florida, it is a essential piece to own, (especially this year since it has been 90 and humid since may) you can pull it out on those chilly nights when a jacket is just too heavy.

I think I could cozy up on the couch all day with this blanket

Sweet and simple, a little touch of glamour to stir your hot cocoa with.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DIY Christmas Decor

Last week some "unconventional" if you will christmas ideas were posted. Redbook published these great ideas that I think everyone can admire!

I'm swooning over this idea, it looks like a cool chandelier!

I've always through these copper cookie cutters were kind of vintage and fun, now there is a whole new use for them!

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perfect Little Accessories

Im so glad that this week is over, I have been missing all of you! In the absence of this week, I'm posting this weekend, because there are so many great things to share!

Kate Spade has some really cute things this christmas season. Some perfect little accessories to glam up and outfit down to some cute stationary...

these are my favorite!

leave a comment with what do you like best?

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fabulous Find

Next week I promise I will be back to posting everyday, this week is so hectic with a job that I am trying to complete with only this week!

Bakerella is an awesome blog if you haven't seen it before, and her cake pops have become all the rage, I have even featured them on luxe + lillies. Yesterday I found these "brownie pop" molds at Michaels, but, they may as well be cake pop molds. They are perfect and will save lots of time and energy!

images via bakerella and wilton

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